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Welcome to the RI Energy Efficiency and Resource Management Council website!


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The mission of the Council is to:
Provide an integrated, comprehensive, public, stakeholder-driven organizational structure to secure for Rhode Island and its people the full supply, economic and environmental benefits of energy efficiency, conservation and resource management.

The purposes of the Council are to:
Evaluate and make recommendations for energy plans and programs
Provide stakeholder involvement in energy planning
Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of energy programs, and
Promote public awareness, understanding and action in response to energy issues.

The Council consists of eleven voting members representing knowledge of:
Energy Regulation and the Law
Large Commercial/Industrial Users
Small Commercial/Industrial Users
Residential Users
Low Income Users
Energy Environmental Issues
Energy Design and Codes
Municipal Users
Large Non-Profit Institutions
Small Non-Profit Institutions
Workforce Development

The Council also consists of four non-voting members representing:
Electric Distribution
Gas Distribution
Heating Oil Distribution
The RI Office of Energy Resources


Our ultimate goal is to provide energy independence for Rhode Island in our lifetime!


Christopher Powell

Christopher Powell
Chair of the Council